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My Kia Sorento makes awful noises when riding over bumps. What can I do?

17 Sep 17
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Whenever I drive over a bump in the road or maybe a crack repaired with road tar, it sounds and feels like the wheels will come through the floor panel. The Kia dealer’s mechanic tested the car and told me all of the Sorentos have the identical issue. The problem began about eight months ago. All was fine up until then. What can I do? Warren

My study left me with a lot of factors, so I reached out to Larry Morrison, fixed operations manager at 401 Dixie Kia in Mississauga. He guided me to a Kia Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) that I think will you resolve your problem.

TSB #CHA01201402 copes with noises over lumps which were traced back to a small inference involving front strut insulator and the upper strut bearing.

There are two repair solutions.

If the strut itself isn’t noisy and doesn’t have a fluid leakage, then only the top spring pad and front bearing mounts beed to be substituted with upgraded pieces. If the actual strut be leaking fluid or there’s concern that the strut could be the source of the sound, then Kia will replace the whole unit.

Warranty coverage on these items is limited to 100,000 km or five decades.

Lou Trottier is owner-operator of All About Imports in Mississauga. Have a question about repair and maintenance? E-mail , putting “Lou’s Garage” in the topic area.

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Courtesy: The Globe And Mail

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