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What’s the least expensive way to replace my car’s bushing?

10 Sep 17
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I have been advised that the driver’s side bushing requires replacement in my 2011 Toyota Venza. The part is known as a “knuckle” but it is $500 and you will need to get the entire part, since they don’t replace the bushing. Is there someplace that does take the present bit off and replace the bushing? — James

The information you’re working with is faulty, since the knuckle on your automobile doesn’t have a bushing contained inside.

The knuckle is the focus of the front suspension using the steering tie rod, strut and ball joints attaching to it.

What you are searching for is a common-to-fail bushing located within the front lower control arm.

The internal mounting point of the control arm is connected to the chassis at two points by means of these bushings. The outer end connects to the knuckle through the ball joint.

The suspension is designed to keep the tires in contact with the road surface and has to travel up and down, absorbing road irregularities.

These bushings facilitate this movement.

The easiest of bushings are made from rubber, and as with all parts made from rubber they’ll deteriorate with age.

Unfortunately, Toyota hasn’t made these bushings available separately and the comprehensive control arm has to be purchased.

After-market control arms can be found which will produce the repair cost somewhat easier to consume, but I am unaware of any convenient source for this bushing.

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