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DeWalt Battery Charger will keep your batteries juiced

01 Sep 17
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DeWalt Battery Charger amp; Maintainer

Available at: Canadian Tire,

Cost: $139.99

What is left in the garage which is not battery operated? Everything from the automobile to the drill comes with a heavy duty battery, that can fail. DeWalt provides a charging system that will not do much for triple-A flashlight batteries, but it is going to put the kick back into the car, motorcycle or boat, and control anything with a USB port. It is going to even jump-start a battery in the vehicle.

The device packs a whole lot of features into a tiny area. There’s a constant 30-amp charger that can recharge two batteries at a time (next set of wires aren’t included) and an 80-amp engine-start attribute for a fast boost. Other features include battery voltage check, alternator test, an auxiliary 12V AC socket, full diagnostics LCD display, and for safety sake, a reverse polarity alarm so that you can not make the mistake of hooking the incorrect clamps to the articles.

What many home mechanisms will like is the chance to recondition batteries. The battery charger sends out a series of electric pulses to split up the lead sulphate. Hooking up one or two bolts and leaving them for a whole 24-hour cycle ought to recondition the battery.

Courtesy: The Globe And Mail

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