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The Monsoon Bag can’t be beaten by CCM’s Deluxe Rooftop Cargo Bag

30 Jul 17
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CCM Deluxe Rooftop Cargo Bag

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Price: $189.99

Packing for road trips is a challenge. Sleeping bags, cooler and a tent audience the trunk. Hardtops are bulky to store, especially in case you don’t have a garage, although A rooftop carrier is an alternative. There is A stored and soft option best. We analyzed the Monsoon Bag by Front Runner this week we examine the Deluxe Rooftop Cargo Bag of CCM.

The Deluxe Rooftop Cargo Bag is made to seal water out. Its zipper wraps making loading and unloading of gear and hides under a storm flap that is tight. The bag is large, so prior to loading equipment, it is ideal to strap it. It is held by eight straps in four compress the load and position. We learned that there is a load a load; tucking straps away is vital. This system takes a roof rack with crossbars and side runners to ensure the load. When not in use, the bag can be folded by you to the stuff sack.

The verdict: The Monsoon Bag is better due to the ease of its strap-down system and airlock. The CCM bag had straps to reduce air drag, while the Monsoon Bag had a port and clips to suck the air out. It was more easy to carry the Monsoon Bag.

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