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Holder keeps your phone in place while you drive

23 Jul 17
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  • Available at: Canadian Tire
  • Cost: $29.99

Decisions, decisions. Do you allow it to slide across the dashboard or passenger seat, or set the telephone in the cup holder in the console? And where do you set your coffee? The issue isn’t earth-shattering, but can be solved.

The MagicMount features four strategically placed “fingers” that grasp the fins of a car’s air vent — and its own configuration creates a good grip, if the fins are thin or thick. The bracket’s face is a strong “rare-earth” magnet which retains most mobile devices securely to the dashboard. No windshield suction cups, no clamps. Just magic magnets.

Additionally, there are two thin magnetic plates — one small, one big, for any size cellphone you’ve — which can be attached (with the adhesive backing) into the phone or slid to the back of a protective case. This system also works well attached to a GPS device, eliminating the need for suction cups.

And you know you’ve found a product that is nifty once the teenager claims it and gets in your car.

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