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An car roof storage Alternative is offered by the Monsoon Bag

14 Jul 17
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Monsoon Bag by Front Runner

Available at:

Cost: $149 (U.S.)

How often have you strapped the roof of the vehicle and gear together beneath a blue skies to have the rain gods show up to drench it? It happened a lot of times at Front Runner in South Africa into the heads, so they developed a storage option tough to handle, the Monsoon Bag, well, a monsoon.

The Monsoon Bag includes a capacity and is constructed with material that is waterproof that is thick. Corners and the base are thickened to prevent spot fatigue. Every buckle, making, strap, handle and strip of Velcro is stitched and welded into the bag. Stuff your equipment, roll the top, buckle ends and the sides flatten the Velcro and use the valve to suck out any air, sealing out the elements and compacting the load.

The Monsoon Bag tossed without worrying about snow, rain or dust, or can be secured to the roof using your own or the Front Runner system. It’s somewhat heavy for hiking or aviation at 3.7 kilograms (8.2 lb) vacant, but the removable carrying handle is offset to change the load from the body.

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