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How long must drivers wait for pedestrians in crosswalks?

11 Jul 17
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I grew up in Alberta, and when I learned how to drive, we were taught that all cars need to remain stopped in both directions until somebody has finished crossing. I start crossing in a crosswalk with my children and I am lucky to have anybody stop even after we have walked out into the crosswalk with our arms out. Cars breeze during the moment we cross, sometimes, once we are inside. Have the rules changed? — Matt, Toronto

Cars have to remain before pedestrians make it to the other hand stopped at a crosswalk, authorities said.

“From the letter of the law, traffic must stop in both directions,” said Insp. Ken Thrower, traffic commander with the Calgary Police Service. Section 41 of Alberta’s Does not specifically mention both directions.

It will say “a man driving a vehicle shall yield the right-of-way into a pedestrian crossing the roadway in a crosswalk.”

Since 2016 in drivers, Ontario and cyclists If there is a school crossing guard there until pedestrians have crossed at crossovers and at crosswalks.

What’s a crossover?

“The crosswalk is at an intersection and the crossover is generally mid-block with the yellow lights overhead and the cross symbols on the roadway,” said Ian Law, president and chief instructor of . “[Before] traffic had to stop until the pedestrians were halfway across; the rule now says all vehicles must stop and remain stopped until the pedestrians have left the roadway.”

It is confusing, and there was worry that it would apply at each intersection, and drivers would not be permitted to turn before the crosswalk was apparent, when the law was announced.

So, you need to wait in a crossover — that does not necessarily have flashing lights — but not in a standard stop sign or red light with painted lines (again, unless there is a school crossing guard there.)

“If there is a crossing guard with their signal out, you can not turn right, even though there is no pedestrians on your manner,” said Const. Clint Stibbe, with Toronto Police traffic services.

Fines range from $150-$500, and three demerit points could be also faced by motorists. Fines are doubled in community safety zones.

And else?

In Prince Edward Island, Manitoba and British Columbia, motorists must yield of the path to pedestrians, said the Automobile Association.

There is no wording about when motorists can proceed after quitting while Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, and Saskatchewan have specific laws about school crossing guards.

Right of way could be incorrect

It does not mean they will just because the law says cars have to stop.

“You have got the right of way for a pedestrian, but if you walk out without looking, you may wind up getting hit,” Thrower said. “It’s very prudent to look both ways and ensure that you engage the driver; someone may be looking down in their laps in their telephones or be creeping ahead without realizing it. We have had people get run over at one mile an hour.”

Sticking your hand out or pushing that button does make motorists stop, Law said. “Never, ever assume any vehicle will stop. Red lights and stop signs don’t stop cars and trucks — people do, and they’re notoriously unreliable.”

A 2015 Found that when pedestrians in a crosswalk did not make eye contact instead taking a look at the car — just 45 percent of drivers stopped.

68 percent of drivers stopped when pedestrians stared in the driver’s eyes.

But pedestrians will need to pay attention. As of May 31, Toronto had 10 fatalities. “In seven of these, the pedestrian had made an error,” Stibbe said.

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