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Sondpex 2.0: A portable speaker for your tailgate party

09 Jul 17
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Sondpex 2.0 Bluetooth Tailgate System

Available at: Canadian Tire,

Cost: $59.99

Whether in a party, on a trip or just hanging out in the garage a little metal cranked is what you require. But swinging the doors open on the car is good for noise, and it does not look cool. What you need is a mobile boombox capable of playing with songs.

For the cost, the Sondpex 2.0 Bluetooth Tailgate System is the best device to throw in the trunk for a celebration. Its about the size of two shoe boxes and almost light. There’s a handle on top for easy transportation. Because of the angle where the control centre sits and its fabric covering, it doesn’t look.

It connects to Bluetooth-enabled smartphones and, in testing, before the telephone was approximately 10 metres away, the songs continued to play. Music can be offered via a USB reader or a SD/microSD card port. There’s an FM stereo if it’s the game that you want to hear.

The lithium ion battery that is fully charged and audio can play for the radio for 12 or up to half an hour. To recharge, you use the supplied 12V DC plug or plug it.

If you want bigger sound, think about the bigger Sondpex Bluetooth Tailgate Speaker with double the wattage and size for $99.99.

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