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Restore that new-car scent

02 Jul 17
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Meguiar’s Whole Car Air Re-Fresher

  • Available at: Canadian Tire,
  • Cost: $12.99

There is something about the smell of a brand new car which makes us want to slap down the money and say, “Sold!”

But when unwilling to fork out the money, you may give a opportunity to create that car smell to Meguiar’s new-car scent.

We purchased a Ford. After vacuuming and cleaning the surfaces, we followed the instructions on the can that was stubby. The truck began, air conditioning cranked and locking trigger on the can we allow the truck run for approximately 15 minutes then stopped. The windows were left open to vent the propellants.

Rover was gone. Just the smells were eliminated, not just masked by the scent of a tree. By using the ventilation system, any hints of old food, dogs, smokers and sporting equipment flushed from the car.

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