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Are kids under 10 by walking 14, taking a walk on the wild side?

27 Jun 17
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Our daughter is 10 and my husband is against letting her walk to school (I push her) since there is a busy street she must cross. It’s a crosswalk with a stop light. He scours the web for evidence to back up his case — and only found Saying that children under 14 do not have the mental capability to cross the road alone. So it looks like that she won’t be walking for a while. Is it really that dangerous? — Lauren.

Why did not the 10 year old cross the road? That study does say that, said among the authors of the study.

“It makes sense to break down road crossing into two unique situations — when there is a crosswalk, pedestrian signal or a stop sign and when cars do not need to stop,” said Jodie Plumert, a psychology professor with the University of Iowa. “For this, we’re analyzing kids crossing busy digital streets where the traffic does not actually stop — if traffic does need to stop, children in the eight- to 10-year-old range can do this sort of crossing by themselves”

In the newly released University of Iowa , researchers had six- to 14-year-old children cross a Road where cars did not slow down. They had to watch the traffic for gaps between oncoming cars, imagine when it was safe to begin crossing, and also make it over before they were (again, virtually) hit.

Six-year-olds were struck up to 8 percent of the time. For 10-year-olds, it was 5 percent, and for 12-year-olds, 2 percent.

“We were not seeing mature road-crossing behavior until children were 14,” Plumert stated.

Why? Plumert thinks it is too little experience crossing roads — and a mix of brain development.

“Kids younger than 14 have more trouble in timing their motion when they cross the street,” she said. “Where an adult might begin crossing before the lead car has passed them, kids under 14 will wait too long to get started.”

Walk this way?

Anxious parents may use it to maintain their offspring from crossing streets by themselves in any respect while the study focused on children crossing streets without crosswalks. That supervision means kids are not learning how to cross in their own when she wrote about letting her son take the new york subway alone, who made news.

“We keep coming up with new reasons why kids shouldn’t develop,” Skenazy stated. “Kids cross the road all the time, but we sit on the edge of our seats waiting for a single study that contradicts everything we see and know to be true”

U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics show that in 2015, of the 1,132 kids younger than 14 who were killed in automobile crashes in the USA, 233 were pedestrians. The remainder were in cars.

“People don’t appear to see that nothing is without some danger — so we teach our children to cross in the crosswalk and to look left, then right, then left again,” Skenazy stated. “When people are driving their children to school, there is a risk they might get into a car crash — and that is in fact the number one way for children to die — but we accept that risk and we live with it.”

She does not believe that they mean kids under 14 should be out, while Plumert says it is important that parents know these limits.

“It would be useful for parents to work with kids to locate places to cross the street where cars do stop, even if this means a slightly longer route to get somewhere like school or the park,” she said. “And if there is not, you might consider checking with city officials to find out if a crosswalk could be created.”

For parents out with kids, it is important to give them a opportunity when they are with you to cross in their own. That way are relying on your own judgment and they understand when it is secure.

“You get to a crossing and you allow the child decide when they think it’s safe, you can give them comments,” Plumert stated. “If it is really risky, you can yank them back — that way the kid is getting more experience, but can also be under supervision.”

Skenazy says you ought to let children walk to school at whatever age you walked to school.

“Why would you assume your child is stupider than you were?” she said. “People say, ‘Well, my child’s too spacey to walk by himself’ I say, ‘My sons were spacey because they did not need to pay attention to a thing when I was walking with them. ”’

The Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators That parents teach children to:

  • Always look both ways before crossing any road, including a marked crosswalk or an intersection with a walk signal.
  • Keep looking as you cross.
  • Never assume that a marked crosswalk or walk sign means you are safe.
  • Never use electronic devices when walking.

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