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LOOK-IT: A camera match for your mobile phone

27 Jun 17
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LOOK-IT Lightwave Wireless Backup Camera

Available at: Canadian Tire

Cost: $199.99

The system that is sleek uses your smartphone as the display, connected by Bluetooth to your camera on the plate. It works well for parking, hooking up to the trailer or for squeezing in the parking spot at the mall. And it retains your smartphone at a place that is handy to realize map program or your backside.

The kit has a holder using the camera along with the smartphone mount. All you will need to do is eliminate your “Best Soccer Mom” plate holder and, using the provided screws, mount your licence in the holder onto your automobile. The box on the rear of the holder is connections and the battery.

Inside the vehicle, you attach the QuickView wireless remote button on dash or the steering wheel. To the port on the dash, attach the phone mount load the program in your smartphone and you’re ready to roll. Pushing on the QuickView remote triggers the screen on your smartphone and the camera. You’ll have to adjust the camera for the angle the yellow, red and green tracking lines will help guide you while you roll into position.

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