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Motomaster work lamp is versatile and sturdy

18 Feb 17
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Eliminator Hybrid Solar Worklight

Available at: Canadian Tire

Price: $69.99

Lift the hood on the car while working in the garage and you’ve instantly lost the light from the ceiling. Fortunately, Eliminator, by Motomaster, makes a versatile work lamp for under the hood or in the glovebox.

The lightweight light bar looks and weighs about the same as a first-generation cellphone. Even with the head bent, it stands sturdy. It uses two strong magnets and a hidden hook to cling to the hood or dangle in tight places.

Be careful, though, when you turn it on. The panel of 20 LEDs puts out a whopping 400 lumens of light that’ll blind you temporarily. The tip works as a single beam, like a standard flashlight, and there’s a port to charge your phone.

Charging this rugged light is simple. It comes with a standard two-prong wall plug and a micro-USB plug. There is also a solar panel on the back, so a few days on the dash in the sun will produce a full charge that can last up to 20 hours.

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