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Quiet DeWalt vacuum can reach even the awkward spots in your car

04 Feb 17
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DeWalt Wet/Dry Vacuum

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  • Price: $129.49

Toss out the whiny old Shop-Vac. You know the one: it’s tippy, with a short cord and causes hearing impairment. We tested the DeWalt Corded/Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum and were impressed.

The box doesn’t come with a rechargeable battery, but if you’ve been collecting other DeWalt cordless tools, you’re in luck. The 18V NiCd/20 V Li-IIon tower and slide batteries are interchangeable. And, without needing to pay for a battery, the cost of the vacuum is reduced substantially.

As for accolades, the decibels of the motor is softer than most shop vacuums. The 7.5-litre bin is easy to pop off, dump and rinse clean. To keep the suction at its best, the HEPA filter only needs to be tapped to knock the dust out, and rinsed. The pliable hose drags through the car easily and the nozzles reach fries and Smarties in the most awkward hiding places. As a wet vacuum, it does a fine job on minor spills and damp jobs. Reverse the hose to blow out dust and webs in the garage.

The tools snap in designated places so you won’t lose them. The rectangular design fits on the garage shelf much easier than tub-style Shop-Vsacs.

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