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Queen Vehicle squeegee could keep your storage mess-free

28 Jan 17
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Power Fist Floor Squeegee

  • Offered by: Queen Automobile
  • Price: .99 (68 cm), .49 (91 cm)

Winter in Europe may be poor, the continual routine of ideal and shedding a risk. And something of the toughest dirt could be the puddles inside the storage. Everytime you take in, that ideal and slush that’s caught for the frame of the automobile slowly drips and gathers inside the floor’s defects. An end inside the brush area at Queen Automobile can tidy-up the situation.

The Energy Fist Straight-Blade Floor Squeegee can be acquired with the 68-centimetre- or 91-centimetre-long rubber knife. Add it to your strong handle, and move it over the ground – plus it performs a lot better than a squeegee child in the place.

The squeegee also makes rapid function of the dusting of snow around the entrance and pavement.

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