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Polish smells, but it’s like spa treatment for your car

21 Jan 17
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Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish
  • Available at: , , Walmart and other auto-detailing retailers
  • Price: $9.49

If the neglected aluminum wheels on your classic could talk, they’d be humming a merry tune after the facial you gave them with Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish. The smelly – yet effective – jar of white cream works like a day at the spa.

First, clean the metal surface you intend to shine – such as the mags, pipes and valve covers – of excess grime and dirt. Use a soft microfibre cloth or sturdy paper towel to massage the soft cream onto the surface. Talk nicely, rub gently and the oxidization will lift and soil the cloth instantly. Use an old toothbrush to work into seams and corners to continue the shine or to clean out any polish that gets wedged in. Use a second clean towel to buff it all.

Just like that, all that neglect is a distant memory.

And this polish isn’t just for the car. For example, my laundry-room sink is shining like new again. Take note though, it’s not designed for chrome, gold plating and painted or coated metals.

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