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App finds the cheapest gas in your area

14 Jan 17
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GasBuddy app

  • Available at: app stores for iphone and android
  • Price: Free

The gas gauge is bobbing on empty again. It’s time to feed the beast, but there’s a way to keep a few nickels and dimes from draining from your pocket with every litre gulped.

The GasBuddy app is free to download and instantly tells you the best price for gas near your location. GasBuddy continuously updates the details using crowd-sourced information and, by contributing the price you see at the pump, you help other drivers and gain points to win prizes. If you are curious about pump prices in other locations, you can ask that, too. There are 140,000 gas stations throughout North America and, should you ever find yourself Down Under, Australia is represented, too.

The app’s web page, , offers several insights. Click the map to compare the entire country. Add trip plans – including the make and model of your car – into Trip Calculator and it will plan the most cost-effective route, including pit stops for the cheapest gas.

Canadian content features contributions by GasBuddy’s guru, former parliamentarian Dan McTeague. Read blogs like the latest that forecasts the United States will spend $52 billion more at the pump this year – much like the pain felt in Alberta with the new carbon tax.

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