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Google Maps app gets a refresh

10 Dec 16
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Google Maps app

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It’s the roll of the eyes that does it. “You don’t use the Google Maps app?” Yes, teenage drivers know everything.

I just downloaded the recently updated free Google Maps app (version 4.25) onto my smartphone and yes, it’s better. The speed at which the map downloads is amazingly fast. Best of all – if there is a real-time traffic issue, I see it in yellow or red. The map and the satellite view is more current compared to the map app that came with the phone. Construction zones have an icon you can tap to see what is going on.

The Google Map voice knew how to say the streets in my ’hood better than my old app and actually knew the shortcut I use to get to the shopping mall across the city. Dang, now everyone knows.

Click on the magnifying glass to look for nearby grocery stores, restaurants with ratings, and gas stations with the pump prices. During rush hour, even if you know where you are going, check the map for traffic jams. Need to be picked up by that know-it-all teen? Drop a pin on the map and text it. They can tap it and know your exact location.

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