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Put your classic away for the winter under a comfy car cover

12 Oct 16
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Truck and auto covers

  • Available at: Automotive retailers
  • Price: Starts at $69, depending on size

It won’t be long before it’s time to say “nighty-night” to the beloved classic in the driveway. But just shuffling it to the side yard won’t do. Anyone who loves their cruiser will want to take a few precautions to ward against winter woes.

Top up all the fluid levels, especially the antifreeze and check the tire pressure. Give it one last wash and shine, then tuck it in a dry building with a concrete floor. Roll down the windows a few centemetres to allow for ventilation before tucking it in under a cozy blanket.

The Simoniz car cover is lightweight, moisture-resistant, rather inexpensive and has an elastic around the ends as if the cover were a fitted sheet. Strings are included to secure the cover under the chasse. With only four sizes, it is not a snug fit. But it’s adequate if you are storing in a garage – it will keep the dust and dirt off. Surprisingly, the cover fits back in the sack it came in. Better brands such as Sparco offer extra-soft fabrics and a driver-side zipper.

If the only choice is to leave it outside, consider a custom-fit cover that fits like a glove with weather protection. Better yet, add a shelter to block the wind.

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