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Protect the edge of the door by adding a bead of trim

12 Oct 16
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Edge Trim by Cowles

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The edge of a car door gets no respect. Skinny parking spots and skinny garages are perfect places to ding the paint on the edge of the door – opening up the potential for further chipping and rust. Adding a bead of trim might just protect that edge and give the car some pizzazz.

We tested Edge Trim by Cowles, a black flexible-edge moulding. The package comes with 5.4 metres of trim precoated with adhesive. The length of the door was measured and trim was cut during a warm day. It went on smoothly and needed to be pressed hard to meet the door with the pressure-sensitive glue. It’s easy to create a smooth corner joint by cutting the edging on angles. And there is easily enough to do four doors on a pickup truck in each package.

After a week of weather and driving, it looks good but pull at the edging, and it pulls away. Hey, factory-installed moulding will probably pull away if you yank hard enough. The manufacturer says removing it is easy and the adhesive will come off with a solvent or 3M adhesive cleaner. It’s a nice addition that hides the chips.

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Courtesy: The Globe And Mail

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