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Protect your skin during repeated hand washing with biodegradable cleaner

03 Sep 16
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  • Price: $21.99, 453-gram container

Constantly cleaning with some shop soaps and industrial cleaners takes a toll on your skin. And sometimes the scent is overwhelming.

Worx Biodegradable Hand Cleaner is a line of cleaners created by a family-owned company in Calgary.

Both EcoLogo- and Green Seal-certified, the all-natural plant-based product contains no borax, soap, sand, alkali, plastics (microbeads) or solvents. It comes in a multitude of container sizes, in either a powder for rinsing with water or a cream solution for waterless cleanups.

After purposely grinding the grease from a bike chain into my hands I shook about a tablespoon of the fluffy green powder into my palm. I had doubts: It looked harmless – like matcha tea.

Adding a little water made it disperse into a slimy green liquid that with a little rubbing, instantly lifted the grime from my hands. It does have a faint scent but does not leave your hands smelling of anything.

What it does though is leave them slightly conditioned due to the skin protect technology. Any cuts or abrasions on your hands won’t sting from harsh chemicals.

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